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Compressed air and gas is essential in many industries for its use in equipment operation, instrumen- tation, refrigeration and a variety of industrial processes. Clean, oil-free air or gas is a requirement to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Unfortunately, even atmospheric air contains objectionable contaminants, in both solid and liquid forms, that must be removed prior to the use of the compressed gas. Additionally, in many compressor and vacuum packages, oil is intentionally introduced as a coolant and sealant which must also be taken out prior to air use.

KELTEC Technolab manufactures a wide range of air-oil separators for air compressors and vacuum packages, as well as air inlet, oil and coalescing type filters, that when used together, provide the ultimate in system operation and protection.
KELTEC Technolab oil separators operate on the familiar principles of fine liquid droplet coalescence in a flowing gas stream. These processes have been refined and tailored into packages that meet the special high performance and physical requirements of the air/gas compressor industry.
Regardless of style (conventional, pleated or deep), KELTEC Technolab oil separators will provide for performance as shown here:
Pressure drop(atload): 2-3 psi / .20 bar
Pressure resistance (against collapse): 70 psi / 5.0 bar
Efficiency (remaining oil in gas stream): 2-3 ppm / 2-3 mg/m3
Operatingtemperature:   (standard) 180°F/82°Cto230°F/110°C
(Higher temperature models available)
A. Media – both wet laid and high loft solely or in combination
B. Bonding compound – polyurethane or epoxy
C. Body components – corrosion resistant steel
Servicelife:  Dependent mainly upon the cleanliness of the oil and gas being compressed as well as the initial amount of oil contained in the gas stream; several thousands of hours of operation are possible in a well -functioning compressor or vacuum system.
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